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A Pilates Studio is happy to call Jacksonville home for 16 great years. We are grateful to our loyal clients who have made our studio their second home. Begin your Pilates journey by creating a balanced architecture that moves with ease. Our certified, highly trained team of instructors will guide you through slow, purposeful, challenging movements that require the use of important stabilizing muscles to create length, strength, and function. Our practice emphasizes core engagement, starting each exercise with a controlled breath that initiates a contraction of the core muscles and range of motion. Whether you need re-patterning or are new to Pilates, our practice will help you align, connect breath to body, circulate blood flow, gain strength and flexibility, and evolve.

Signature Classes

Our small-group reformer classes are perfect for beginners and experts. We provide a mixed combination of challenging movements using a variety of apparatuses with the principles of Pilates. Our private and duet classes offer personalized training for those who need a little more attention, or have a specific injury or ailment. No matter your fitness level, shape, or age. Our classes promote results in a bright, inviting studio with professional instructors who will lead you to Move, Breathe, and Restore.

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Our primary equipment is the Pilates Reformer. This unique apparatus uses springs, pulleys, and body weight to perform various resistance exercises.


This class is a fusion of both traditional and contemporary mat Pilates exercises combined with the TRX suspension trainer system.

Jump Board

Our Jumpboard Reformer class amplifies our signature Reformer class with the fat-burning benefits of a high-intensity workout.

Class Types

We offer three types of classes, Private, Duet and Group. Each offering 50 minutes of lengthening, strengthening, and overall body transformation.



Our personalized One-on-One sessions are completely customized with your needs and goals in mind.


Our Duet sessions are private sessions for two. Customized with both your goals in mind.


Our small group Pilates class accommodates up to seven clients in our studio. Our classes are designed to improve strength, mobility, and balance..

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A no-show reservation will be charged at the same rate it was booked.
All reservations have a 12-hour cancellation policy.
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Founder & CEO

Amber Mills

PHI Advanced Pilates Certified Instructor
Founder of the A Pilates Method National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
Personal Trainer
Pilates at the Barre Instructor
SCW Group Fitness Instructor  Certified TRX Instructor  Lululemon Alumni Ambassador
Teaching Experience 23 Years

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What our clients say

Kevin Becar

I really enjoy my new family at A Pilates! Amber couldn't be nicer to her clients and all of the instructors are top notch. It is such a welcoming atmosphere that I can't recommend it enough. I battle chronic low back pain and Pilates has me off the medications. The increase in core strength and all the 'little' muscles allows me to live a better, pain-free active lifestyle.

Lindsey Moore

I've been a regular at A Pilates Studio for over 6 years! Amber, Aaron, Amy, Jenna and all of the instructors are top notch! The classes are energetic and challenging yet full of fun! Amber is an amazing owner/teacher! We are lucky to have her and her team!

Meg Walters

Amazing pilates studio!  Supportive, friendly, incredibly experienced teachers make it a pleasure to go to classe.  I've been to a lot of different studios before finding A. Pilates and I'm hooked - noticed results in just a couple weeks.  Great package deals too.  Highly recommend!

Michelle. E

Jenny is an awesome teacher. The class goes by too fast. She switches it up all the time between one class and the next. It is a complete body workout!


Best pilates studio in Jax. The instructors are wicked smart and will get your butt in shape. The studio also does a lot within the community. Great people doing great things here. Much love to Amber and the sensei

Jillian McBride

A-Pilates is the best studio in town! The instructors go above and beyond to make sure that each and every client feels welcome and supported. And they do a great job making beginners like me feel right at home!

Jen. H

Aaron was great! I have been doing Pilates for over a year and was nervous at finding a new studio after moving to Jax. His class was challenging and fun! Thanks for the killer worko

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