Jackie Harwell


I started my Pilates journey in 2017 as a client at A Pilates and instantly fell in love with being on the reformer! After three years of being a client, I began my journey as an instructor and my passion for Pilates only grew by being able to share it with others. My main goal in my classes is to provide a challenging, ever-changing full-body workout that is an equal balance of strengthening and lengthening (and always providing a well-deserved stretch). My favorite series are side lying legs, mermaid, and any form of planking! I am from Atlanta originally but spent my teen years in the St. Johns area. After graduating from FSU, I moved to New York and then have been a Jax Beach resident for the past 8 years. Outside of Pilates, I spend my time as a buyer for the MLB, staying active in other forms of group exercise and running on the beach, and spending time with my teacup Persian cat, Vinnie.

“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.”  - Babe Ruth

Teaching 4 years, The A Pilates Method Certification