Sarah Paige Wilde


Dr. Sarah Paige Wilde ( values pilates for postural realignment, strengthening, performance and overall proactive benefits in aging gracefully. As a healthcare professional with over 17 years in the holistic wellness industry and 14 years pilates experience, she teaches movement and mobility to be synonymous with health. Using pilates as a therapeutic tool to help in recovery or general health maintenance, she integrates conditioning, calisthenics, gymnastic progressions and functional agility exercises. Her approach to movement is progressive and ever-evolving, offering group classes and personalized instruction to meet clients' individual needs and goals. Her favorite moves to teach(and do) are Swan, Russian splits, and plank variations. Teaching Pilates 2 years.

“Pilates method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy”

Teaching 2 years, The A Pilates Method Certification